Managed IT Services


Managed Secure Cloud Backup

No need for a complicated IT strategy to protect or backup your business files. With CrashPlan for Small Business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your files are continuously backed up, and easy to restore. And with Trav Does Tech monitoring your backup system and there to help in the event of data loss, rest assured that your files are as safe and protected as possible.

Unlimited storage, fast connection, easy restore process.

$15 per month, per device

Managed Spam & Email Protection

Brightmail defends against current attacks in real-time and proactively identifies first-time spam, meeting the security needs of enterprises and service providers. With 97% spam effectiveness rate and 99.9999% accuracy rate, the solution ensures that users don't miss legitimate email.

$5 per month per email account

Enterprise-Level Add-Ons

For clients with larger networks or greater security or failure readiness needs, Trav Does Tech also offers a slew of managed IT services designed specifically for enterprise-level application. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Managed Firewall Monitoring

  • Enterprise-level Phishing Testing

  • Business Continuity Solutions

  • And more!

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